COVID-19 has driven many workers to transition from the typical office setup to working in their homes. While many see this as highly beneficial as workers can finally do away with dress codes (to some extent), clocking in for work, and the daily rush hour, several emerging concerns have become more apparent.

One of the critical issues faced in working remotely is the lack of sufficient equipment that will address the everyday needs of a successful digital nomad. However, with the advent of technology, many alternatives have become more available at the tip of one’s fingertips. By maximizing the use of your cellphone, your handy dandy device could become a scanner, invoice maker and ultra-fast calculator all rolled into one.

  1. Cam Scanner

This mobile app was developed in China, allowing you to scan multiple documents in one go and convert the same to either jpeg or pdf format. The application also makes several automatic adjustments to the scanned document that it actually comes out clearer and more crisp on your screen. Scanned documents can also be stored in your device and can easily be shared to several channels such as email and messenger, and can even be directly printed to your wifi-enabled printer.

The application is available both in IOS and ANDROID and is free, but users may upgrade to premium accounts for bigger storage.

  1. Photomath

For many, doing math can be such a daunting task. Whether a mathlete or math-challenged, Photomath can be a lifesaver.

By using your phone camera, the application reads and solves mathematical problems. You just write down the equation you wish you to solve, take a picture of it through your phone, and the application will instantly recognize the math problem and solve it for you. The application also provides step-by-step explanations and animated instructions for the calculation, which can help understand math concepts and solutions.

  1. My Business

This app is my personal favorite. Especially for those who manage small businesses and do not have the resources for a more elaborate inventory system, the application offers a full range of features for business administration. It’s available for both Android and IOS phones and can be downloaded for free.

Product Inventory

The app can store product information from pictures, bar codes, and current inventory. You can use your phone camera as a bar code reader for faster transactions.

Every time a sale is made, it is immediately deducted from the item inventory, which is also displayed in the product information, so you always get a real-time update on its availability. You can also adjust the reserve requirement for each product to get notified when your inventory is already running low and an order has to be made.

Sales and Inventory Report

A sales and inventory report can be generated for free if you’re willing to watch ads, but if you want to skip these, you can purchase the application at approximately 2USD, and all the features will be available to you.

The application also allows input for discounts and promotions. It can also be integrated with the sales invoice or receipt every time you generate a sale for a product or service. 

Employee Management

You can also store employee information including their salaries and wages and every time they are paid, these are deducted from your sales as an expense and will reflect accordingly in the sales report.

Personalized Invoice and Receipt

Aside from generating sales report, the app is also capable of generating price quotations for customers. Likewise, receipts can be generated from sales and services rendered. You may even place a thank you note at the bottom of the receipt for a more personalized touch. The receipt can saved in your device either through pdf or jpeg format.

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