Women Entrepreneurs

LFS Consulting Features aims at showcasing success stories of global leaders in multiple fields so as to encourage budding entrepreneurs to pursue their own success by nurturing their passions.

In this series, we feature women entrepreneurs from all over the world — from new business owners to small business leaders to book authors.

Claire Jones is a strategist, speaker, and the CEO of Liminal Clarity based in Seattle, WA, USA.

Danielle Lacy is a certified educator, career coach, and speaker; author of “Butterfly” based in New Jersey, USA

April Crimbley is the author of “From Me to Us: 4 Steps from Single to Married Life“ based in Dallas, TX, USA

Jemima Nyström, LL.M is a law practitioner and Co-Founder of Vedinor Law Offices and BeLegally based in Finland

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